Safeguarding your interests is key

Data collection, Analysis, Guidance and Planning through strategic thinking

Assist firms with strategy and planning missions
Assess a firm’s culture and align strategic plans for growth
Provide analysis and tools to help achieve their vision
Derive a roadmap and provide tools to correct course when change occurs
Provide a firm analysis and success factors required to lead
Evaluate a firm’s core competencies and assess them within the framework of success factors
Input on prevailing trends such as sustainability, technology and environmental issues
Evaluate opportunities within changing global economies
Insight on venturing into new and emerging markets


Protecting the client-consultant relationship is fundamental

Asses, Review, Support and Negotiate with experience and skill

Support when time is of the essence
Analyze appointments and weigh-in on contractual terms
Qualify and align terms in keeping with the firm’s ethos
Assess fees
Support negotiations
Ease overhead costs by retaining on an as-needed basis

All of which are provided during the RFQ/RFP phases, the life of the contract and throughout the
post-contract phase


Assessing fixed fees against resource costs/man hours; percentage fees based on construction costs and RIBA scales (for guideline purposes), fees based on hourly rates or on a time & materials basis


Copyright, insurance and the duty of care, inter alia, are issues dealt with on a consistent basis when reviewing contractual terms

Depending on the region and the prevailing law of the land, the terms of reference vary

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